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Wide-Ranging Services

Customers should feel free to contact us on 888-400-2870 when in need of the wide-ranging services that we currently offer. The affordability of our products is one of the reasons more customers keep choosing us for their needs, which include wood replacement windows. The windows are great for improving the aesthetics of a commercial or residential building. With enhanced aesthetics, the buildings value increases significantly. The windows give the building an expensive and quite pleasant look. Moreover, with such windows, customers are free to leave them in their natural colors or paint them in any desirable color.


Customized Wood Windows

Customized wood windows are among the most popular. At Wood Window Guys, customers can look forward to some of the most amazing customized windows for any building. We also sell customized windows that can fit any shape or size without messing the overall feel that only wood can provide. The customized windows might be a tad more expensive than other types, but they are worth the investment. We allow our customers to place an order for customized windows made from different types of wood, including pine. Customers seem to place a lot of preference on mahogany windows, which they love for the elegant and richer looks they create.


Maintenance, Replacement and Repair Services

We encourage our customers to follow strict guidelines regarding the maintenance of their windows. Without regular maintenance, the windows would soon lose their looks and suffer a reduction in terms of functionality. It would not be wrong for customers to paint or stain and seal their windows periodically, especially if these acts would mean not preparing a budget for wood window repair. If customers ignore their windows completely, the next step for them would be to consider wood replacement windows, which does not come cheap. We stock a number of supplies that would enable customers to maintain the windows in excellent condition.

Customers can reach us on 888-400-2870 for more information.

Excellent Installation Services

Finally, any person in need of wood window installation should never look any further than Wood Window Guys. We are accessible through 888-400-2870. Our technicians are always ready to help customers find solutions to any problem that the wooden windows might experience. The installation that we do caters for owners of buildings that are currently under construction as well as for houses whose construction is over and are ready for occupation by new tenants. We have different packages that suit each type of house. We endeavor to work within the budgetary limits of our customers during installation, maintenance, repairs and replacements.

Here at Wood Window Guys, we believe in selling the best wood windows to all our customers. We stock and sell a wide variety of windows made from wood to fit the kind of building projects that our clients are striving to put up. The windows come in a variety of designs and styles. Our products are available to homeowners and constructors alike. We stock some of the top brands, thus presenting our clients with a variety of options from which to choose their preferred types of windows. The large stock that we have at our stores ensures that none of our customers shall leave without their preferred type, design, style and size of wood windows.

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